Beachy Head Marathon 2012

Converse to this rather more methodical example, a couple of months ago I aimed to renew some kind of fitness drive. It didn’t really work out. And after about 6 runs with my shiny Nike+ running app (actually best phys app I’ve come across and I’ve tried a load), I returned to making excuses to myself. Culminating in yesterday’s brutal, arduous, painful, plain silly, tear-inducing trot around the countryside around Eastbourne. This was how not to do a marathon. Had this been a half marathon, no problem as at the 13.1 marker I was doing just fine. But marathons are inherently no walk in the park and not to be taken lightly. Yeah sure, there’s a sense of ‘aren’t I good, I can run a marathon without even training’. But 99% of the world could if push came to shove. I see it like this: If you thought that one of your loved ones was being held captive and if you didn’t complete the run that they’d die, then of course you’d bloody complete it. And no I don’t run the course thinking “SHIT – THEY’VE GOT THE GIRLS!”. But you’re picking up what I’m putting down, right?

One day on and I was quite proud of what I did. Two days on and for a second this morning I was thinking of signing up for next year. Weird innit.

Leaving Eastbourne at the off (bottom of the hill is the start/finish line)
South Downs, Channel in the background
Welcome sustenance. Thank you organisers
Seven Sisters Country Park
Cuckmere Valley
Some of those Seven Sisters. Hard bloody going.

5:13 is a poor, but then not surprising time, especially given that the organisers suggest you add 40 mins on to your regular time. But it’s another marathon down all the same. #6 for me. Next challenge please.

Update, 01.11.2012: Results are up, turns out I was in the top half of the field. 616/1299.

That’s me finishing/finished.

The Commute

Got me a kayak, inflatable, because it’s cheap and because I can roll it up and stick it in the boot to take to the coast as well.

Kayaked from home in Wargrave to work at Thames Valley Park by kayak this morning, in a kayak. 4.4 miles, 1 hour 37 minutes 28 seconds. Passed the swans, the geese, the ducks, the sheep, the cows and the people waking from their sleep on their houseboats.

Have had worse starts to the day, how was your commute?

Wargrave jetty
Good morning Berkshire
Sonning Bridge