Dear Alex, Month 2

Dear Alex,

The following letter jumps around quite a bit as it’s taken a couple of months for me to get round to putting this together in full, for that I apologise…

2 months. It’s currently the Saturday the 27th of February 2009 (I’ll pre-date this entry just to confuse me). I’m on a flight back from Mumbai to LHR T5. Someone’s just put some garlic prawns down in front of me so I’d better eat them… they were ok. I haven’t seen you since the 10th of Feb so that’s another 17 days, what will be 20 days of my life wasted not enjoying my babies. Being away fromthe three of you isn’t good. But being in India again has been yet another reminder that I need to create an opportunity for us all to move abroad. Not that I needed a reminder, but it has to happen. Living in Bow is good, we love our home there but can’t see ourselves living there forevermore. 2 bedrooms is fine for the time being but we will need something bigger; something with proper outdoor space; something in a warm climate; something in a different country; something in a place where (pardon my snobbishness and I knew this would be the case when we moved in) where we’re not surrounded by rifraf.

Mummah posted a bunch of photos of you recently on Facebook (am going to take an intrepid guess that that will still be around in some form by the time you can actually read this). You’ve fattened up a chunk, started smiling a lot and are looking like an extremely cute little munchkin. Really can’t wait to get hold of you this coming Tuesday. We haven’t seen enough of each other so far by far.

Right now you’re in South Africa, at your grandparents place in Plettenberg Bay. The same place where Frankie was at the same age, 2 years ago. How’s it meeting Granny Caroline and Grandpa? I get the impression from Ma that they’re loving you.

For The Record

  • You’re pretty much the perfect baby. You’ll cry only if you’re hungry or your nappy needs changing. Keep that up.
  • You’ve still got a cross-shaped fontinel. I hope Frankie’s taking care when she’s around you. Sometimes we have to restrain her from squashing it/you with her foolish displays of affection for you.
  • Carry on from you having contorted arms, you’ve taken to flailing them around sporadically. Bit weird.
  • You’ve found your feet, literally, when left alone for a short while if you’re not studying your hands, you’ll grab both your feet and play with them instead.

Right, Alex, it is now Wednesday the 21st of April. I have other draft notes to you backed up too. When I first started writing to your sister, I foolishly didn’t quite gather that I wouldn’t have the same amount of hands of my time as I did when I wasn’t a father. So, and maybe this’ll change again but I’m going to have to revise how often I write. I think that after this one, I’m going to combine you and your sister’s letters. There’s just never enough time. Hope you don’t mind, hope if anything it has more of a bonding effect between you two. Not that you’ll need that. Maybe the frequency will change again but I’ll certainly keep taking as many pictures of you as I can, which you’ll then inherit one day. Whoopee-do I hear you cry. Well you’re children will love them even if you don’t.

I’m in Durban now and you’re back home in east Londinium. I’ve more than outstayed my time here. Was ready to come home towards the end of last week when I caught the news that a volcano in Iceland had shut done all UK airspace. Mummy thought I was taking the piss but it’s true. Virgin Atlantic have rescheduled my flight for the 4th May, that’s 2 weeks away. That’s ridiculous. Am getting a tad bored out here and have decided that Durban is not the best place in the world. There’s not a great deal to do but I did fit in some skydiving inland from Durban, near a place called Eston. Had not jumped for over 18 months so needed recurrency training and a check jump but managed to get 7 jumps in one day. Best day’s jumping I’ve ever had. Now I’m just itching to jump out of a plane with Mummy. How much fun is that going to be? Lots. And then as soon as you’re old enough, obviously you’ll be joining us. No? How cool would that be? The 4 of us flying through the air together. Nuts.

Loving and missing you,

Daddy X


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