10 Things About Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo’s a cool place. I expected a dirty, rough sprawl. What I got was a friendly, wealthy, tres moderne high-rise bustling metropolis. Go.

  1. In the main, Sao Paulo is not a cheap city.
  2. For all I know I could have been flown to any southern European city.
  3. Us locals refer to Sao Paulo as Sampa.
  4. Sao Paulo lies just on the Tropic of Capricorn. That’s actually quite far south.
  5. c.1.4 million Japanese live in the state of Sao Paulo, the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan.
  6. I have never had as much sushi as I had in my 3 weeks in Sao Paulo. Eat as much as you like for c.£10.
  7. If you’re served a thimble-full of weak beer with more than half the vessel containing froth, it’s probably Chopp, it may be refreshing on a hot day but really, the stuff is piss.
  8. Hippest place I visited: the Sky bar atop the equally cool Unique (oo-nee-key) hotel. Have some Caiparinhas up there and enjoy that view. Best cityscape I’ve ever seen.
  9. People from Sampa are known as Paulistanos, people from the wider state are called Paulistas.
  10. Couples regularly CANOODLE in the STREET! Like it counts! Tongues an’all! My life.



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