I didn’t get round to passing comment on Belgrade yet. I liked Belgrade, what I saw of it. IMHO any city on the water AND built on hills is pretty much already half way there as a decent city.

There was one particular street, who’s name very helpfully I cannot remember, but if you are ever in town I do suggest you go. Think it begins with C, but that could be their C, so an S between you and me. Then again it might not. Think it ends in ‘ska’, which again narrows it down considerably for Belgrade. Cobbles leading down a gentle slope; al fresco dining; lots of Serbians playing their little folk ditties, and good fodder to boot. Actually now I describe it, it sounds like the perfect tourist trap, well maybe it is and maybe we were tourist-trapped but it was nice, really it was. I couldn’t grasp any distinct Serbian food out there but then as a Brit we haven’t got a lot to make our mark about, other than roast beef I guess, and roast chicken, and roast pork, and roast lamb. I do like a bit of lamb, me. Never been massive on mint sauce though.

One thing I found clever was how the main road comes sweeping over a bridge directly into town. Like the M4 going in as far as Hyde Park Corner. The place was a lot moreWestern, a bit more with it than Sofia. Not saying this as being better or worse (it’s better), merely an observation.

Look, the truth of the matter is that I haven’t got a great deal to say about the place as it was mostly either work or the hotel. Seems I just have some compulsion now to annotate wherever I go. Timewaster.

Serbian road maintenance

2 thoughts on “Belgrade”

  1. The street you ate on is Skadarska, also known as Skadarlija. It is Belgrade’s tourist trap – but nevertheless it’s still a nice place to spend an evening.

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