Further Observations on Sofia

Happy chappie

Was due to fly home on Frankie’s year and a half birthday but stayed out there an extra 5 days whilst the project continues to behave erratically. It went a little groundhog day for us, only without the fun of telling people what you think of them and there being no comeback.

A couple of things worth mentioning though:

Between the hotel and the embassy we’d walk through a leafy park where chess is a massive spectator sport. Maybe up to 25 old boys gathered around one little table, with maybe 10 tables thoughout the park, all wearing concentrated frowns and giving it large on the strokey-beardy action. I’d say that a more worthwhile spectator sport is spectating the spectating.

Eastern Block

Said park has a resident moustachioed accordion player, even at 8am. No rest for the wicked.

And if you ever find yourself in need of a meal in Sofia, food will always be served in the order it’s cooked so that as you start to eat, your mate’s just finishing up. And don’t expect any food to be delivered hot, you get luke at best.

Although I can’t really comment on the rest of Bulgaria and it was a shame I didn’t get to see any more than Sofia, I won’t be rushing back there.


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