That BNP Membership List

Came across this today without even looking for it. Feel this info should be shared. Just don’t go lynching (much).

BNP Members [.xls format, c.2.6MB]


6 thoughts on “That BNP Membership List”

  1. Why would you want to publish this list? It doesn’t affect you in any way who is in the British National Party and you are obviously happy with being over-run by muslims. You Dick head.

  2. Email received today:

    “Dear Mr Spratt,
    using Google I’ve come across an old BNP membership list on your web site. you are, or were, happy to help publicise the names and addresses of members or former members of that organisation, you might be interested in the attached documents (I hope they ARE attached – it’s not clear on the web page) which include the views of a man who runs the Libertarian Alliance, a group which campaigns against attacks on traditional freedoms in this country. His comments are self-explanatory.There are organisations (e.g. the Liberal-Labour-Tory 3-headed monster) which appall me, but if I came across their membership lists I would certainly not put them on the web because that is wrong in a society which claims to be a democracy.I find it especially fascinating that some individuals feel that there’s no risk to themselves when they publish this data. After all, if the BNP’s members (or ex-members) really WERE the kind of people you presumably believe them to be, they would have long since lobbed a few bricks through a window at your home or worse, the place you live being an address in London which must be curiously easy to locate because you’ve decided to publish it yourself. I hope of course that nobody HAS done this.By the way, in case you think it’s the BNP that would introduce fascism in this country, have a look at a book called ‘Living in a Fascist Country’ by Vernon Coleman.Please can you remove the BNP.xls file from your site? Thank you.Yours sincerely,David Topple”

  3. Thanks for posting a picture on twitter taken from you flat window. Now we know exactly where you are. So you want to lynch us?
    Better watch your back, see you around.

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