Dear Frankie, Year 1

Dear Frankie,

So that was a year in the life of Frankie Spratt then. So much fun. We’ve loved every single second getting to know you so far. At this stage I’m very much a believer that nature far outweighs nurture with your character. You started off being cool as a cuke, now you’re even cooler and so happy and easy going. Apart from those little spaz-attacks you’re prone to have in the middle of the night. Or when something gets taken away from you. Or when you don’t want to sit in your pushchair. Other than those, you’re cooler than Elvis.

Birthday morning

For the record

  • Sat 27th September could be deemed as the date of your first word. The day we moved into Maidenhead you pointed at a picture of a duck and said “Duck”. You then spoiled it by pointing to picture of a frog and saying…”Duck”. Muppetry. Since then though you’ve continued speaking gobbledeegook (racist).
  • Since moving into Maidenhead, we took the opportunity to make the move to real cow’s milk and mostly you’re eating real food, with those jars now really only being used as a back up.
  • On 14th October I’ve been reliably informed you took 2 steps. Please try and wait until I get home for monumental things like that in future. The day after though I saw you take 5 paces myself, so you’re currently known as Frankie Five Steps.
  • You’re now in the more than capable hands of Wendy during the daytime. You seem very happy with her and the other children she looks after.
  • Stats: Remember this Frankie: No matter what they tell you, you are not in any way a project.


Exactly a year before you were born, i.e. the 18th October 2006, the day that Mummy and I met for our ‘first date’, I took her to see an ex-colleague play in the Kensington Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican. Yes I know, suave move. She then took me for a romantic dinner for two. At McDonald’s. No shame. Still, it clearly worked a treat on me and now there’s a two year tradition already installed that we go to McDonald’s on the 18th October. Last year we went to the one on Tottenham Court Road/ Oxford St whilst killing time waiting for you to pack your gestation bags and come join us. Did I mention it took your 4 days from Mummy’s waters breaking until you turned up? In your own good time my girl. So for your first birthday Emmah, Neil, Bonnie, Don, Helene, Emma, Ed, Paul, Treena, Mick, Amber and us lot piled into the McDonald’s Maidenhead. Getting Auntie Em in there is kudos indeed as she hadn’t entered a McDonalds in over 15 years.

Cousins at your 1st Birthday Party, McDonald's Maidenhead

And that’s a year’s worth these monthly letters. I’m gonna spread them out now and write quarterly. I will however take phot forever more and keep posting monthly pictures. I plan to keep videoing and post more of that up too. I’ll keep documenting as much as I can and I’ll keep publicising and promoting your loveliness, making sure as many people as possible are graced with your images and get to know more about the angel that you are.

Roll on year two.


Daddy x


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