Dear Frankie, Month 10

Yo Frankie,

You are the loon. You are the complete nut job. You have become not only the mover but you are also the shaker. You are one mental asylum seeking little lady. The other night we continued our new game of you violently shoving ‘little ducky’ in my mouth, I close my mouth for a while trying to hide him behind my tongue, you double check that you definitely put it in there by looking around where we’re sitting before spotting it again gripped between my teeth, then dive straight in mouth first to extract it from me. Then the game starts over again.

Teeth #: 7
Height: 76cms
Weight: 10.5kg – I’ve just compared you to this chart (btw, I don’t normally hang around, honest) and you’re on the very upper guide line for both height and weight. This obviously means you’re better than all of the other 10 month olds. VG, A+, keep this up.

Frankielicious, Prankster, Prookle, Monkeyheadery, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie (yep, 5x Frankie)

Nappy changing has become a bit of a joke recently as you simply will not keep still. Picture yourself, stripped naked, chubby little leggies, bottom and nethers on display, if both of my hands are occupied for more than 2 seconds you will roll over and you’re off, making a bid for freedom once again, THE BOTTOM a-wriggling away into the near distance until I grab your ankles and pull you back on to the new nappy. You will then create for a short while whilst I fasten the nappy up and then you’re off to the next nearest object that you might find entertaining, normally the wipe box. Do you really have to make such a simple task so difficult?

Month 10 Phot

We’ve had quite a bit of traffic through the flat throughout your 10th month, Nana, Pops, Roques but now we’re back to just the 3 of us, although Mummy keeps going on about creating a sibling for you. What you reckon monkeyhead? Oh go on then.

I have no idea how we started to do this but I’m guessing about a good 20% of the time we spend talking to you (in-house, obviously) occurs in a questionably melodic way. Yep, we sing our sentences to you. Full on if-we-knew-anyone-else-was-watching-we’d-stop-in-our-tracks type singing. I think ‘Hallelujah’ is a common tune we use (for dramatic effect) e.g. “Frankielicious, Frankielicous, Frankielicious our daughterrrrrrrrr, Oh you’re so lovely, you’re so lovely, you’re so lovely, yes you arrrrrrrrrrrre.” !


  • A couple of weeks ago we finally got round to actually putting you to bed instead of waiting until you knackered yourself out, which when left to your own devices seemed to be getting later and later, gone 2230 most nights, which to be honest was getting a little ridiculous. It has taken up to 10 minutes for your crying to subside but then you’ll get the message. It’s not nice knowing that you’re calling out to us and we seem to be ignoring you, but needs must.
  • A few astute people have referred to you as ‘Madam’ now. Why’s that then? Something to do with that cute little temper you’ve developed? Hmm?
  • You’ve begun waking up crying. Instead of sitting there casually looking around and staring at your hands like you used to, you’ll now wail. It’s quite a cunning wake up siren for me but truth be known it’s actually fairly immature and tad irritating. Please go back to waking up pleasantly.
  • We’re having to move destroyable things at your level out of harm’s way. You like to destroy things. I’ve encouraged this by playing building blocks with you: I see how high I can build them, you knock them down and we both clap when they crash around us.
  • Your latest fad is pointing. You’ll be attached to my hip, we’ll be walking from room to room and you’ll point at the next best distraction that comes into your view. I go towards whatever that may be for you, you touch whatever it is and then point towards the next one. Or shove your hand in my mouth.
  • You’re looking more like a beautiful little girl than a generic baby and it’s quite a change to observe. To be honest, when you (babies, collectively) start out, there really is no definite differentiation between the looks of the baby boys and baby girls. But now, with your growing locks, your sapphire eyes and long eyelashes you are absolutely a girl, the girl, our girl. You go girl.


    Daddy x


    One thought on “Dear Frankie, Month 10”

    1. your little loon is the second most beautiful baby i’ve seen… my little stinkbug being number one, of course. this is so great, i hope that she can see this when she gets older, and appreciate the time you spent, and the love you’ve poured out on her from day one. yay 🙂

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