It’s taken me some time, but I’ve recently realised that the courteous thing to do on one’s tinterweb netspeakery siteage is to have one of those newfandangled ‘blogrolls’. For the ignorant, a blogroll is a list of other blogs you feel deserve a mention, a namecheck and/or that you think are worth reading enough to pass them on to your readers. Preferably the people on your blogroll also have their own blogroll on their site and some reciprocal love will then result in more traffic for you both.

You’ll find the blogroll living over there in the sidebar to the right.

If you’re feeling left out and would like to be added to the roll, drop me a line. If you’re reading this, are still to jump on the blogging bandwagon and feel you’ve something worth sharing with the blogosphere, I suggest you start by signing up for a free blog site at


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