Frankie’s ‘Headwetting’ Party

Saturday 5th July we threw a proper party in celebration of the safe arrival and divine existence of El Frankerookeymeistress.

Went at it a bit hard, continuing all the way through the night and only really finishing up in time to watch Hamilton win at Silverstone. Totally forgot about the Nadal vs. Federer match.

Her indoors did us particularly proud on the fodder front but as I was flitting around like the social moth that I am I didn’t even get round to trying any. And unfortunately I wasn’t concentrating on getting some good phot in either so below is just a small sample of an otherwise not great bunch of snaps. Had I thought this through, I would have had pics of everyone of you herein. But I didn’t. But thank you to Ma, Pa, Emma, Ed, Don, Helene, Edd, Amber, Mick, Barb, Askey, Parker, Matt, Izzy, Fi, Aly, Kevin, Champs, StevO, Tim, Legs, Alec, Sami, Heather, Gheetu, Rick, Katie, Madeleine, Ali, Lindsay, Zoe, Foz, Rob, Lianne, Rupe, Georgie, Mark, Anna, Finn, Mike, Laura, Julia, Susan and Oli D for making it over and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.


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