Dear Frankie, Month 8

Dear Frankie,

Last month I wrote how because you’re now such a mover and a groover, we should no longer take our eyes off you, if we were for example to leave you lying on the bed for a moment. Earlier this month I took my eyes off you for about 2 seconds and THUD. Oh bollocks, damaged baby. Head first. Let the 2nd June 2008 be known as the day that Daddy inadvertently dropped you on your head. My monumentally bad for giving you even more brain damage than you had already inhereted.

I am in your computer

Height: 68cms
Weight: 9.4kgs

Further damage took place when you leaned forward in the bath the other night to investigate the plug twisting device. When I say investigate, I mean jam your fingers in behind it, subsequently cutting your finger on the way out. You whailed in pain. And this, I should point out to any expectant or recent parent, is a new feeling that one gets and I had never experienced before you came along – the heartfelt feeling that when you’re in pain, I would do anything to take that pain away from you. It’s a new one on me and I know you’ll take your knocks and illnesses and this is something that everyone needs to go through but it’s still horrible to look on knowing there’s little I can do to help.



  • Remote controls and mobile phones are your current obsession, in fact have been for a couple of months. Kid needs entertaining, chuck her the remote. Kid should maybe pipe down a little, shove the Blackberry in front of her. Buttons. Handheld devices. Wow. Although this often means that we don’t get to watch or hear what we were planning to on the television.
  • The main reason you’re given a bath is to remove the neck and pit cheese that gathers between your folds of puppy fat. It is a delight.
  • You have a hairy back. Yep, I said a hairy back. You’re a cute little baby girl. Who has a hairy back. Mummy mentioned this laughingly (nervously) to the doctor recently, the doctor said that most children are born with a little downy hair and it soon goes away. Your back hair however is increasing and spreading and strengthening and we are marginally worried. At least one day we’ll be able to make some money off you though.
  • Your head hair however is now long enough that it gets into your eyes, but we really don’t want it lopped off yet, so Ma sometimes puts a sweat-type-alice-band around your bonce which I think makes you look like a Scandinavian tourist.

Photo courtesy of: Ed Campbell; babygrow: courtesy of my old team at the MoD; eyes: courtesy of your beautiful Mummy

We’ve always been proud (relieved?) of how you’re not a cry baby. But this weekend just gone, your Aunties Edd and Amber looked after you whilst we went down to Sussex overnight for Matt and Bry’s wedding. The report back from them is that you were inconsolable for about 4 hours after we left and nothing would appease your crying. This is highly embarrassing for Mummy and Daddy and must stop forthwith. We’ve another wedding coming up next weekend and you’ll be staying with your grandparents Bretherton overnight. It would be nice if we heard only good things about you from them when we come to pick you up. There’s a dear.

Nana and Pops will both be over from New Zealand and Belgium respectively at the end of next week in time for your cousin’s arrival (this is very very exciting by the way) next month. I’m looking forward to them spending some good time with you and the family getting together as a whole. This is another thing I have realised as a new parent: the greater family don’t spend enough time together as a family and I would like us to more. We’ve very often been geographically all over the shop so it hasn’t always been easy but I will do what I can to try and get us all together all the more often. In small doses of course, BECAUSE OTHERWISE WE WOULD ALL GO NUTS.


Daddy x


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