Parking in Tower Hamlets

Saturday morning, woke up in good time to drive down to Sussex for the wedding of Matt and Bry. Went to drive the car round to load it up and… couldn’t find it. Walked all over the manor, thinking that I’d maybe parked it a few streets away when I arrived back from skydiving last Sunday evening. Nowhere to be found. Called Tower Hamlets parking and sure enough, they had it in the car pound. Bloody bloody bastards.

And they’d had it since Monday. This meant that I had almost a week’s worth of storage to pay for also. Apparently there had been a ‘parking suspended’ notice there at the time which I simply didn’t see. Total cost: £420. Four hundred and twenty pounds. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY OF YOUR HARD EARNED POUNDS. STERLING. An absolutely dispropotional punishment for a relatively innocent, tax paying monkey like me. But then it’s not like I need the cash, what with me being rolling in it an’all.

St Stephen’s Road: Scene of the crime

And this is on top of the £150 that I paid the day we moved in, almost 1 year ago to the day. I’d hired a van, eventually unloaded it with Kate and the old man. Parked up in the ‘visitors’ bay. Had a sit down for 15 minutes to gather our breath and a quick drink, came down, van gone. Bloody bastards, the lot of them.

In better news however, the wedding was great. Photos to follow.


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