Dear Frankie, Month 7

Dear Frankie,

7 months old. Holy Moly, that’s actually quite a long time that you’ve existed for. Well done you.


That’s the ecstatic sound you’ll make for seemingly no reason at all. It’s not the foolhardy whining sound that you were playing with about a month ago, it’s just you being terribly excited about the status quo and wanting to convey this to us and join in with the noise around you. The arms will move in unison up and down, up and down. And then they’ll move up and down again.

Height: 68cms
Weight: 8.8kg

When I get home of an evening, Mummy will hear the door open and close, you’ll either be in the lounge or our bedroom (where Mummy often punishes you (she calls it unwinding) for some reason by making you watch Australian soap operas – you must have done something really bad) and I’ll hear her say to you: “Who’s that?!”, I’ll make my way in where you’ll turn around and starting beaming at me. “It’s Daddyyyyy!”. A lovely recent development is that you’ll now raise your arms towards me in an…ticipation of being picked up. This is the kind of thing that gives me (and surely any parent) that warm fuzzy feeling.


And when I pick you up, you’ve taken to patting me on the arm, like old chums might do, making a nice positive slapping sound. This makes you smile some more because you’re quite chuffed that you can make that sound. This makes me smile some more. Then I return the pat on a free naked bit of Frankie flesh which will make you smile some more. In fact pretty much any interaction between you and another results in your smiles. Which then results in our smiles. There’s generally a whole lot of smiling going on wherever you are. Even from the very second you wake up, you’ll be all beams and the arms will go crazy again when I come into your room to grab you from your cot. Because everything is just such great fun.


We hear many baby books, web sites, TV and so on refer to “the routine“. Whereby every hour of your day is meticulously planned and kept to. If that works for them then great but certainly for the time being we don’t buy into it. There are things that will be the same most days – me getting you up in order to drop you off at Michelle’s. And Ma picking you up some time around 4pm. That’s it though, so why do some parents restrict themselves?


  • You now have 2 razor sharp toothypegs (read: teeth). So sharp in fact that you’ve drawn blood on poor old Mummy. Many people refer to the troubles that teething can have on a baby but other than chewing everything in sight you seem to have had no problems so far.
  • You’re pretty much there with sitting up on your own now, albeit with the odd strategically placed cushion. But gone are the moments when we can leave you in the middle of the bed for a short while whilst we pop out of the room; it looks like you won’t be a crawler but you do roll with the best of them.
  • Over the past month, you’ve been on the London Eye with your great uncle Alan and dinner parties at Roly’s and Champs’.
  • Attention seeking seems to be your latest greatest thing. I put you down, you give me a little whinge. Ma and I are talking to each other, you shout like you’re wanting to join in. I leave the room for a mo, you shout for us to return. It’s good to be wanted.
  • Mirrors and your reflection in windows have taken your fancy quite a bit recently. We may need to ease off on telling you how beautiful you are for the time being.
  • We decided to stop sterilising your bottles. From now on, all your kit is cleaned like ours; you’ll have water for your milk straight out of the tap and you’ll learn to love Bow’s finest bacteria just as we do.
  • At long last, Ma had her first night out without you or me with her. Your Mummy loves you like you wouldn’t believe. We’re both so lucky to have her.

And you have another bunch of members in your fan club: Julie and Treena and their Pauls who we met at the Royal Standard in Hackney. They’re all over you and I know they’ll be looking forward to seeing more pictures of you, as above. I think this monthly digest is turning into more of a monthly Frankie fix. Seeing you at home to get mine in about 5 hours. Can’t wait.


Daddy X


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