Dear Frankie, Month 6

Dear Frankie,

Happy half a birthday. Where the Dickens did those 6 months go? The Dickens?

Fitting in very neatly with your 1/2 yeardom, at exactly 182 days we felt your first toothypeg coming through: bottom left central incisor. This is progress indeed.

Height: 66cms
Weight: 8kg
Nicknames: sausage monkey, little lady, squidgerooney (for your sake I sincerely hope your (and my) mates don’t dig out this blog).


Soon after we got back from SA you acquired a new walker-seat-chair-thingy. We’ll sit you in it, switch it on, the start up music will play some rather groovy tunes and the lights will flash on and off. It is, to be blunt the most hideous item we have in the house and you love it. Being owners of impeccable taste, Mummy and I try our best to keep out the heinous multicoloured crap that is subjected upon most children, but the odd piece will inevitably sneak its way in.

The morning walk to Michelle’s: Bow Road

Tuesday 25th March was your Mumma’s first day back to work at her shiny new job at the Consortium for Street Children. I droppped you off down the road in Bow for your first day at Michelle the childminder’s and reassuringly for me, apparently you were a little teary after I left. However, it is now even better than it normally is to be back together at the end of the day. That joyous face of yours. It’s now over a month that she’s been looking after you and although I really would rather not leave you of a day, Michelle seems to be a great extra influence on you and you have taken to her 1.5 year old boy Sofian particularly well. The fact that their household speaks a combination of Arabic, French and English can only be good.

Frankie and Sofian: studying hard

Every working day that I’m away from you, I look forward to being back with you. You talk a whole lot of nonsense right now and I can’t wait to hear what this nonsense actually means.

I’ve never met anyone as naturally cool as you are.


Daddy x


One thought on “Dear Frankie, Month 6”

  1. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I wish my parents had done this when I was a child. I hope Frankie one day thinks it’s as cool as I do.

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