Unfit To The Point Of Embarrassment

I’m unfit. Unfit to the point of embarrassment.

I’ve done virtually no phys in over a year and I actually feel pretty bad about it.

Other than the odd cycle into work and the rare run, there hasn’t been a hint of phys. I’ve got to get on top of it.

Working in central London where I do, they were taking down all the fences today from this Sunday’s London marathon. I was due to be running in it this year, 10 years on from the last time I did it, but I’d moved home and missed some comms and therefore missed out on the entrance details they’d reserved for me from last year’s deferment.

How very convenient.

Had I been a little fitter I would have chased the organisers earlier on. Anyway.

I’m really just writing this post to embarrass myself into doing something about it.

So if you see me and I’m not exercising; about to exercise; or just got back from exercising, you have my permission to throw rotten cabbages at me.

And if I have a waist line anything like I do to the left here in 6 months time, tell me to give you a truffle shuffle.

As a kickstart, today I entered the London 10k for this July. Get moving fat boy!


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