Dear Frankie, Month 4

Dear Frankie,

Right, 4 months in and I’ve started letting you down. You’re actually 5 months today so I’m a month late posting this and I apologise for that. But monkeynuts, you fill our hands every waking second of every day. I absolutely love that you do that, I genuinely couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than have your beautiful self girgling and chuckling and smiling and dribbling and farting and playing and ‘talking’ and generally being your cosmic self but it just ain’t exactly conducive with doing ANYTHING ELSE in our lives. I knew this would be so and I know this is so and it’s great. Polarizing us into your loony world is phenomenal. But. Surely by your age you should be standing on your own two feet; bringing home some bacon; at least contributing in some way to the family. Children these days.

Those stats (as of the 18th Feb):

Weight: 1 stone or 6.35kg
Height: 60cms
Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights if patchy in parts
Current nicknames: The Beauty, Bamberilla, Frankenstone
Attitude: Cool as the cucumber

At the beginning of month 4 you started being able to stand up just you holding our hands. I know it’s these kind of things that we’re currently in awe of that will all too quickly pass by and you’ll be turning down Mensa applications soon enough but these things, the little things, do fully persist in blowing us away.

Your Mumma (Your Mumma) continues to send me regular picture message updates during the working day. Then when I’m using the tube or walking along the street, I’ll sometimes take up the majority of the journey simply flicking through the pics on my phone, gazing in amazement at your image – occassionally there’s an opportunity to show people these pictures to unsuspecting-non-Frankie-aware people. Everybody must see this girl of ours.

You have had 3 rather groovy godparents (yes, note the small ‘g’) bestowed upon you. Don, Mick and Emma. They’re were all obvious choices and I think are chuffed about the idea of their new calling. Do however make sure that when/if they ever look after you that you’re as naughty as possible.

Most days you meet new people and you’re more than happy being passed around, checking out this and that, but a smattering to be noted from this month incluces StevO, Champs, Lizzie, Nathan, Fran, Ben, Rashad and Heather. Naturally you were as good as gold and they all dote accordingly.

The only toy we’ve got for you so far is a gollywog. We were on our trip up to the Peak District last year whilst you were busy gestating, driving through Buxton, spotted a window full of them and just couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Among the many soft toys that have been given to you, Uncle Edd gave you your new best friend, a bear who you rather cleverly named Grylls. Your face lights up when he comes on the scene, it’s hilarious.

Other snippets:

  • The torrents of saliva continue to drown us.
  • Everything that you like, you move towards your mouth.
  • When left to your own devices for a while, those devices normally turn out to be both of your feet, grabbed simultaneously.
  • Very occassionally you’ll feign distress for no reason at all. It goes something like this: “Heeeeeeeeeiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. It sounds and looks pathetic so Mummy and I laugh AT you.
  • We said goodbye to your auntie Aly as she then flew to Oz for a year, she also gave you a lovely bear who sits rather nicely with Grylls.
  • Your shiny 1st passport arrived eventually. It says “The holder is not required to sign”.

I aim to write these letters every month but I don’t promise to. I mean we live together anyway, plus you can’t read, plus I tell you how much I love you every day, plus the general public maybe don’t need to know the details of the development of our relationship. During the evening I try to STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER as much as I can, and it would be nonsensical for me to be tap-tap-typing away whilst I’m in the same room as you, when what I could be doing is putting your bib on you the wrong way round whilst you’re wearing only your napster then flying you around the room a la Super Baby so that you may then come to a rest and blow chunks over me. I will however try to keep taking pictures and document as much of these days as I can.

A note on your smiles: Your smiles make us melt even more than we were doing around you already. When you smile, you don’t just smile, your whole body convulses because whatever is making you happy has had such a genuinely profound effect that your whole body smiles with you. This is called ‘The Bodysmile’ and your Mummy and I will stop whatever it is we’re doing at the time in order that we don’t miss out on any of these. Smile on.


Daddyo x


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