Dear Frankie, Month 1

Dear Frankie,

What the devil have we gone and done. Only created the most seraphic being ever. You’re the complete doll. You turned 1 month old on Sunday, so I wanted to get a few things down, for us to look back on so we can remember as much of this as much as possible.

Last weekend Mummy and I caught the trains over to Maidenhead to see your Grandparents and Aunties Charlie and Edd. We strapped you in a car-seat and GrandPa Phil took us all out for a very good Chinese dinner. You slept most of the time but when you did start to grizzle a little, I took you for a walk around the restaurant to see the tropical fish. “Oh they can’t focus at that age” said a woman whilst waiting for her sweet’n’sour pork balls. Oh I hadn’t realized. What would you do in this given situation Frankie? Yes, you’d frown.

Three old dears then entered the restaurant, walked straight over to to us and cooed and asked your name and stroked your head, and of course I swelled with pride and told them your name was Frankie. Francesca? N’no, Frankie. As in Frankie.

The past week you’ve become a little bit spotty of face. Supposedly this is quite normal in infants, but it has made us love you just that little bit less, albeit temporarily. Fret not though darling, I’m 31 and I still get them. I guess my parents must have felt the same way when I was a spotty oik of a teenager. Because of this outbreak that the doctor overimaginatively described as pustules we’ve been giving you 2.5ml of this shocking pink antibiotic 4 times per day. That’s roughly a tablespoon but as your table manners aren’t quite up to speed yet, we squirt it into your gob via syringe. We’ve got the knack of it now, but you properly hissy-fit through this 5 minute torture session and personally I’d rather go through a resistance to interrogation bout again, than have to do this. You cry so hard and it’s the absolute pits knowing that we are doing that to you.

Sleep. Currently your sleep cycle goes something like this: You’ll sleep for about 2 hours, then grizzle, then feed, then poo, get changed and sleep again. From other parents’ chat we were led to expect severe sleep deprivation but, touch wood, are just getting intermittent slumber. This suits me fine as I get more opportunities to hold you and marvel at you, which I miss being able to do during the working day.

Your neck muscles are coming on strong and it’s so funny to watch you trying to look up at us as you lay on my chest. You look rather mole-like when you do this. You’re actually getting noticably stronger all over. As of a couple of days ago, you can hold a grip on to my fingers whilst I gently pull you in a sit-up movement. You have a 6 pack too, I’m not joking. Other than that though you are as podgy as they come. Babies only look cute when they’re both obese and have a full head of hair, and you have both in abundance.

Whilst breast-feeding you make gulping/guzzling sounds interspersed with checking yourself to breath ocassionally. This inevitably leads to choking as you haven’t exactly mastered combining drinking and breathing at the same time. It’s really not rocket science my love.

So far we’ve found 2 games that we like to play with you at least once a day. The first is called ‘Skydiving’. You sit on my lap facing me, I blow hard in your face, your hair gets swept back, you lift your chin and poke your tongue out and Mummy and I roll around in uncontrollable laughter. The other is called ‘Q and A’. Firstly, you’ll be sucking on a little finger of ours, then we ask our already-making-their-excuses-to-leave guests whether they would like to ask Frankie a question that gives a yes or no answer:

“Do you like the crap weather we’ve been having?” – shake your head side to side;

“Do you hate me?” – nod your head up and down;

“Have you got a clue what we’re on about?” – shake your head vigorously.

Oh how we laugh. It’s like having a real life ventriloquist’s doll.

Sunday night just gone, we did the original yet traditional hand and foot prints after I’d picked up some materials from the art shop on Saturday. Easier said than done. The masterpieces came out ok and we all came out as black as the ace of spades. Great fun. It’s 2 days later and you still have acrylic paint under your nails.

Right this second you’ll be at home within your Mummy’s reach. She’ll be tending to your every need and I’m sat here at work daydreaming about that. We’ve booked a holiday to South Africa for February/March, by which time you’ll be just 4 months which is the earliest you’re allowed to receive the relevant jabs. I’m thinking about us in the sea together, walking in the sun and learning more and more about each other.

Loving all of this so much,

Daddy x


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