Waste not want not hey…

Darn fine piece of placenta that. Thanks girls xxX


31 thoughts on “Placentophagy”

  1. Wow! It did look like a colorful meal. After reading John Doe’s comment above, I thought that it would be a vile piece of footage, but I can’t say that I saw anything really gross in it. Especially not after reading some dude’s blog that has very detailed pics! Anyway, your video was interesting. The only reason I am really commenting is that my kitten is sitting on the chair next to me and was engrossed in your video as soon as you added the placenta. lol She just kinda cocked her head and got the funniest expression. Thanks.

  2. I stumbled for placentophagy and found this. I have to do a medical anthropology research paper, I chose – cultural practices with the placenta as my topic. This is definitely interesting. I look forward to showing the class this video as part of my presentation. :O)
    I was not sure how to feel about seeing this. My boyfriend seemed to not believe you were actually eating it. Hmmmm…. I believe you were eating it, but would I try it myself is the question. Well, so truly become part of a cultural experience, sometimes one must take part. I’d definitely think about it.
    To John Doe: it’s people with perspectives like yours that will keep our global mind closed.

  3. I hope you saved some of that for the mum! 🙂 Good on you for looking past what popular culture sees as disgusting and going for the natural choice of ‘waste not, want not’. We’re one of the few (if not the only) mammalian species who DON’T eat the placenta!

  4. hmm interesting but i dont think i could ever bring myself to actually eat any part of a human being lol.

  5. My stomach just twists and turns at the thought of eating that. Now… to make someone unknowingly eat it, that’s a different story. I watched my cat eat the placentas off the kittens last night and then I wondered, “why don’t humans do that”? The placenta from a human is big as hell!

  6. It’s funny how so many people get disgusted by this (I sent the link to quite a few people) when in fact it is not very different from eating any other meat. Social training definitely is limiting our perspectives…. :/

  7. wow that is soo gross!!….i stumbled on a video on you tube where a mother ate her placenta and decided to google it, although there is practically no information that is readily available, i did find your blog/article thing…..but no this is definitely not for me!…oh and dont get me worng i am a pretty open-minded person its just that this just triggers my gag reflex…..

  8. You could say that it’s just like any other meat although it is from your own species and also just came out the vagina. However, most other mammals do eat the placenta so perhaps we should join the festivities. If you eat someone elses placenta there is always the risk of getting diseases but if it’s your own theses are of course elminated but the fact of actually eating your self engrosses me.

  9. OMG! Was that served over tube pasta! That is REVOLTING!

    holy ****!


  10. Knowing James…it’s real! He was like that at work too! lol I’m not at all surprised! A little grossed out being a veggie n all but not surprised!


  11. Well, placentophagy is not bad if it can save you from postpartum depression. But be sure that it is harmless it can be a carrier of blood transmitting disease like Hepatitis and AIDS or else you have pick a stone and bump it in your head

  12. Rupert – just realized I didn’t reply to your comment, how remiss of me. Thank you, yeah Kate was sad to miss out but hopefully we’ll get another go at some point in the future.

    Am following you on Twitter now too.



  13. WHHYYY?????/




    I usually am bit more respectful of other peoples’ beliefs… but…. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?????

  14. that’s a pretty cool idea there. i’m not a picky eater myself or anything, so maybe i’m disqualified in saying that i might give your recipe a try one day when, far down the road and i’m about thirty with a baby, i want to partake of my placenta. lol. wikipedia had a link which led me to your video, and at first before i saw the video, i wondered, “hm, how might someone eat their own placenta? certainly not the way animals do it, i hope, considering that it’s got no seasoning and doesn’t look the least bit appealing.” saw your video, and now i think, “hm, this just might can work!” Yep, that’s going on my list for things to do in life. yep yep. cheers, mate!

  15. OM-FRICKIN-G!!!!!! That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen! There is NO need for that! That should never happen again! Why did I watch that?!?! I will never be the same! I may never eat again! I feel sick! Everyone knows you have to rinse your placenta before you cook with it! The humanity! Ok enough joking…that’s just out and out nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Marsupials (spelled wrong) and camel don't. the camels by choice, and the marsupials because they don't pass them, they are absorbed in their body. I Have no reason to be here. I'm a self respecting person whose curiosity got the best of me.

  17. How do you even ask the doctor for the placenta?? Hey doc can you put that in this bowl?? Now that poor baby is going to have to grow up and know that her dad ate her afterbirth. How is the mother even ok with that? How do you bring that up…? Hey babe I have been reading online about eating placentas do you mind if I eat yours wtf?!?! Just because most mammals eat the placentas doesn't mean we should. Male lions sometimes eat there cubs maybe we should eat our babies too!! I feel offended for watching that!!

  18. After it was delivered I simply asked – can I keep that please, the midwife then put it in a medical container.

    Why would knowing I ate her placenta be offensive?

    Why wouldn't Frankie's Ma be ok with that?

    You feel offended? See someone about it. Slightly overeacting here methinks.

  19. Okay first to reply to what someone said above. There is absolutely NO evidence that eating placenta can reduce or prevent post-partum depression. Second, animals eat placenta because they have inferior nutrition. Let's have a little history lesson. A long time ago human beings learned how to get meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables in almost any environment. We evolved. Nowadays we even have these little things called vitamins. We do not need to eat placenta. This is not a matter of open-mindedness. It's a matter of pragmatism. And, besides, animals also lick their own assholes; should we? Animals eat dirty food off of the ground; should we? Like Steve said above, animals eat their own babies; should we? You people advocating eating placenta just because "animals do it" are totally devoid of logical thinking capability or facts. No logic + no facts = sad excuse for an argument

  20. Once it’s chopped, it just looks like raw meat. If I could get past the initial “That’s a placenta!!!” freakout…maybe?

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