Frankie, Week 1

Frankie, Frankie, Frankie. What a week, this is where we’re at:

Born 18th October 2007, 1252hrs, 7lbs 9oz. Waters broke 3 days previously and induction was required to chivvy things along. Jaundiced, so had a couple of days light therapy. All fine and raring to get home but then the little chump’s temperature starting dancing around the 38-39°c mark which was quite a bore. This has subsequently settled but has now dropped to 34-35°c. Yesterday she developed a little rash but this seems to have disappeared as of a few hours ago. The little monkey is on both antibiotics and anti-virals. The neo-natal unit at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital just off the top of Tottenham Court Road had her in an incubator for a couple of days but Kate and her have now been given a private room. Kate’s as great as ever, were both just frustrated not being able to get home.

I will no doubt blog a lot and take an inordinate amount of phot of our offspring. Coo. You know that despite my nails exterior I’ve always really been as soft as a marshmallow; wrapped around her little finger I’m not unlikely to be. Supposedly all new parents say this, but, and I’m being totally objective here, this little bundle of joy that we have produced is the most perfect, cute, lovely being ever. Fact.

A select bunch of the week’s photos:


One thought on “Frankie, Week 1”

  1. Congratulations!

    Splendid effort all round, I hope she is all good now and you are enjoying being at home again.

    I got pissed on yesterday by my son who is 9 months now – so I advise preventative measures to be taken.

    Anyway congratulations and enjoy 🙂

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