Warning: Leaving Negative Feedback On eBay Might Result In Hospitilisation

Despite having had a ridiculous fancypants 3 metre (that’s no typo) widescreen TV installed, we thought we deserved another television, for the bedroom. Found one on eBay a few weeks back, paid straight after ‘winning’ the item and duly waited… and waited. Called the seller to see what was going on. Firstly they hadn’t sent anything in a hurry and then put the blame with the courier, I understand that couriers can be unreliable but they didn’t even leave a calling card after supposedly attempting delivery on 4 occassions. After asking for a refund, they eventually paid but only after saying “we’re waiting for other customer’s money to come into our PayPal account before we pay you. Which is an odd  way of doing business IMHO. So I left this negative feedback for the sellers that call themselves ‘provisuals’:

Worst eBayers I’ve dealt with. Weren’t interested. Didn’t deliver after 2 wks.

Leaving negative feedback is not something I do lightly or take pleasure in (I think I’ve done it once before), so I was never going to sing their praises if I felt the need to give them a bad mark. This was the tit-for-tat feedback I received:


Nice. This is the inherent problem with eBay’s feedback system. If you leave them negative, they’re bound to return the favour even if you’ve done everything as nice as pie. Personal slights are a tad unecessary although the guy’s clearly a switched on cookie to realise that I am indeed a terrible loser in life generally. Exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark.

I thought that would be the end of it, I didn’t reply, but the messages kept coming via the eBay messaging system:

Loser james – thats what you are.

righty-ho, and then…

You are a big loser James!

err ok, and then…

The item is back with us due to the COURIER not being able to deliver it. big word for you I know and was readvertised on thursday. I know these are very big words for your to understand as you are only one years old.

which was really just sublime, but then this was the clincher…

The couriers let you down. But I could always tell you were a loser. Can I tell you that the anger in me right now. If I could meet you I would do time for you. That means I would beat you so that you would be in hospital for months and months and months because you are such a small minded little prick with a small cock and and even smaller brain. I so want to beat you up you wont believe it. I think I may leave my comfortable chair and hunt you down. Simply because you have a small cock and brain. I want to hurt you James so much I really do. So you think that because a little courier couldnt deliver a parcel that you can leave negative for the innocent people that work so hard. whilst my partner protests I say you are going to get it your little tiny prick!!!

Absolute genius. If you happen to be on eBay and come across some kit being sold by ‘provisuals’, do not buy.


7 thoughts on “Warning: Leaving Negative Feedback On eBay Might Result In Hospitilisation”

  1. As a follow up…

    I grassed them up to the powers that be at eBay. They suggested I informed the police, which I didn’t do. They suspended provisuals account, then for some reason unbeknown to me, reinstated it soon after. The guy contacted me asking to mutually withdraw the feedback which I also ignored. Just recently, so maybe 3 months down the line, I was sent another email by them asking to withdraw the feedback, which again I ignored.

    The thing is, so they could deliver I obviously gave them my address, which is where my mrs and bambina are right this second.

  2. James

    You sound like a complete snobbish idiot with bizarre attitudes to reality of how a courier in a little van can deliver your item and you are very quick to attack the hard working ebayer. Judemental ? Yes. Accurate ? More than likeley. Confident enough to publish this? doubt it.

  3. The last comment’s IP address is the same locale as the original correspondence above.

    The sloppy spelling and grammar also gives your game away.

    Deary deary me.

  4. Dear loser, one-year-old with small penis.

    I just left negative feedback for some very poor service and genuinely feel bad about it.

    I emailed the seller a few times explaining the situation and their attitude was arrogant at best, rude and insulting probably more accurate.

    I can deal with mistakes, errors in postage (none of us are perfect) etc as long as the seller has the humility to accept and resolve. Anyway I came across your tale of woe as a result of my self counselling search on the interhoola for similar tales.

    It makes me feel a whole lot better to know I am not alone.

    Thank you James…

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