Decimal Time

Right, have had this in the back of my head for a bit now; time to get it written down. We need to change our current measurements of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months; the clock; the calendar; all nine of those yards. Base 10 is the way forward.

The way our current system works is the derivation of a historical learning. The actual finite length that days and years run for are clearly a given, so these stay as is.

Having a brief google for this lot, there’s a whole minefield of thinking on the subject, so at least I know there’s support already. But there are various ways of doing it. This is, IMHO what I strongly suggest we adopt:

100 seconds in a minute.

100 minutes in an hour.

10 hours in a day.

10 days in a week.

10 months in a year.

36 or 37 day months in a year (the odd-numbered months have 37 days and the even-numbered ones have 36). Leap year would make December a 37 day month every 4 years.

June and July are done away with, September thru December then become their respective names’ numbers. i.e. Sept = 7th month, October is eighth etc..

The clock would look like this, the calendar like so.

Further reading found here. If you’re not at least edging towards agreement on this one, Then the earth is flat and you’re sailing off it.


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