The Best News

Kate and I are having a baby.

We are totally over the moon. Cannot bloody wait. Absolutely chuffed to buggery. Pats on the back all round. It’s gonna be nuts.

We found out on the evening of Tuesday the 13th February, exactly 4 months after meeting online. To the layman this may sound a little hasty, but I’ve been wondering what took us quite so long.

I’m sure every expectant couple goes through this, but you just want to tell everyone. A couple of months back we spent a weekend down in Brighton having a mini-late-xmas-get-together, (starting off with the abysmal rugby, then on to Komedia where Ray Peacock was horrendous but Will Smith had me in creases). Eventually ended up in the Basketmaker’s for drinks and chats. Kate was on the J2O, citing a bug from her recent trip to Sudan. There being no flies on my sister Em, just came out with “Kate, are you pregnant?”, Kate and I looked at each other guiltily and hey presto, the cat was out the bag. Not the way we’d intended it but it took the frustration out of not being able to share the good news. Everybody, that’s the old man, his girlfriend Clarissa, Em and Neil, Aly and Lance, Mary and Tim were there. Out came the champagne, the hugs and the tears. Think Kate needs to get used to the fact that we cry quite a bit in the Spratt family, mainly because we’re soft. In a good way though.

As my side knew about things it was only right that the Brethertons should know. So the day after, we ‘happened to be passing by’, and before Caroline had a chance to put the kettle on, I proudly informed them of my handywork. Again, went down very well, blew them away a little, but all good.

Kate’s now over 14 weeks gone and ‘Frank’ (it’s better than calling it ‘it’) is due on the 21st October.

Hopefully I’ve told all close friends personally now, so people who know me won’t find this out by reading some crappy blog.



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