Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Bit of a jaunt over to Spain for a loverly long weekend. This is what we did:

Train up to Luton, shuttle bus to the airport, checked in, drank, ate, chatted, got on the plane, flew in dark o’clock to Girona, picked up the hire car, drove up to Empuriabrava, checked into the hotel, went out, ate, went back, slept, got up, ate, drank coffee, skydived, landed badly, skydived, flared far too early, proper f*cked my heel and knee on landing, tried to act like it didn’t hurt, limped off, drove to Barcelona, DO NOT DRIVE IN THAT CITY, dropped car in the tightest car park ever, got out the car, realised my leg was worse than I thought it was, limped on to find our hostal, got lost, got a cab, checked in, went out, sat, drank, ate the wrong order, chatted, people-watched on La Rambla, hobbled back, slept, drank and ate, chatted, tubed around town, checked out some big church, drank coffee, walked (sort of) around town, down to the waterfront, shopped, ate, drank, chatted, watched some breakdancers flexing it, went to a market, drank coffee, went to a museum, back to the hostal, sauntered over to Barcelonetta down by the water, took in a bar where god and santa’s little helper were seated, found a very nice little seafood eatery, ate, drank wine, chatted, headed back, slept, woke, picked up the motor, drove to Tarragona, past some amphitheatre, parked up, saw no herbs, ate, drank, chatted, drove lots more, arrived at Torre Del Visco, wondered why we hadn’t got there earlier, wandered around in awe of the luxuriousness of the place, drank, chatted, drank, ate (far too much), watched half the Constant Gardener, slept, watched the other half (very good), ate, drank coffee, took photos, lounged, drank, packed, drove to the AP7 then up to Girona airport, filled up, dropped car back, queued, checked in, queued, paid additional bag charge, drank coffee, went through, ate, drank, chatted. looked at the phot from the past few days, flight delayed, waited, boarded, chatted, flew, drank coffee, landed, picked up luggage, worked out bus would get us back quicker than train, got on bus, sat, checked email, arrived at Vic, found cab, drove home, got in, went to sleep.

Perfect city breakage.


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