Dinnertime at the BBC

Last weekend, with only hours to go on the final day for entries, I eventually sent in a photo to the BBC’s ‘In Pictures’ monthly competition. I’d never got round to sending in anything before but always keep an eye on that part of their site.

In work this morning (yes the Saturday before christmas, woe is) working hard as normal, I checked to see what next month’s competition is (shouldn’t use a verb at the end of a sentence). Last month’s entries were up, and lo and behold, mine’s amongst the 10 that had been selected. Even better, amongst the voting results, #10 James Spratt is currently in the lead with 25+%. Check my bad self indeed.

Please vote and send that link round.

[Update, 04.01.07: “We asked you to vote for your favourite photo sent in by our readers and with over 25% of the votes James Spratt’s picture (No.10) has been declared the winner.”] Woohoo.


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