James Killian Spratt

Hi, James Spratt!!

This is James Spratt!! I’m a sculptor, living in western North Carolina, USA; I’ve just been online about 4 months, ain’t it great! I’m a cousin of John Spratt, SC senator, an acquaintance of Charles Spratt, canuck artist (and I do like his style), and proprietor of www.sprattart.com, my newish and still-a-buildin’ website. Say, what’s your middle name?
Funny story: three pals of mine and I are on a Harley rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. I sign us up for a table in a restaurant and step out to wait. The girl yells “Spratt, party of TWO!” so I turn round to correct her, to meet James Spratt, from Oregon, and his new bride, on their honeymoon. Lots of “Gee, whizzing and laughs all around. Small world, huh. Wanna bet there’re 2.4 million James Spratts in the world? Only the census bureau knows for sure, har-de-har-har!! Nicetameetcha, gimme an email.

Yours, James (snicker!) Spratt

jspratt at cytechusa dot com


2 thoughts on “James Killian Spratt”

  1. Hi, James DL Spratt!  I haven’t been avoiding you, just been busy.  I should correct that cousin John Spratt is a Congressman, not a Senator; even I recognize that it is a significant difference.

    Hope all’s well with you.

    James Killian Spratt, m.sc. 1950

  2. Hey James, you are one hard dude to get a hold of lately. Discovered the number I had for you is no longer working and then your email got kicked back. call us 606.9858. You have a cell phone yet? Hey, doug is home tonight, can you and carole come by for burgers tonight (yes, tonight, tuesday the 21st) and catch doug while he’s home. Would love to see you. Give me a buzz and let me know. Miss you!!

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