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Terribly middle class I know but we had the decking done on the terrace the other week, didn’t we. One of the six muppets from Jim Henson’s workshop that came round to attempt to give us a level deck, instead decided to give me a lecture on the subject of physics. I’ve heard a lot of codswallop over the years but this guy was something special.

Dave: Do you know physics?
Me: I did a little bit at school.
Dave: Well physics is in this building, in that building, in those buildings over there, physics is inside all of them.
Me: Cuppa?

Horrendous Paypal Experience

Paypal: Bloodsuckers

A week ago and for the preceding 7 days, I spent a large amount of my time resolving my suspended paypal account. The old Samsung recently gave up the ghost after 4.5 years of abuse, so I ordered a shiny new netbook. Or so I thought: I received the receipt email and it showed on paypal account that the transaction had completed. Only it hadn’t. Only the money had left my bank account. It was only when I sent an email to the buyer asking him when I can expect delivery that he told me there was a stop on the order. I went back to my paypal account and began a series of hoopjumping that only confirms how far we haven’t come.

After a 7 days, 3 emails, 7 phonecalls, 5 uploads – a mobile bill screendump, a credit card statement screendump, a credit card statement in pdf format (edited to show my card number, my address and their address), an image of my driving license and the edited credit card pdf yet again, I got my account back on track. I spoke to people in the Philipines and Ireland, had no single point of contact, seemingly no coherent method to their madness. I’m obviously not the first person to encounter such creativity. Yet they don’t learn.

I know it is not the fault of the individual who answers the phone to me and I do start off all calls as calm as that cucumber. But as soon as I get the hint that I am not being listened to, that they are not doing their best to help me, that they are referring to intangible excuses like ‘the system’, then I begin once again to bang my head against the desk. Surely we know that a badly managed outsourced call centre has a detrimental effect to a business’s image.

The sad thing is, I will probably use them again on eBay because in the 5 years I’ve been with them I’ve had no other problems and because when it works, it works well, but when it doesn’t, bjesus it doesn’t. Where possible, DO NOT TOUCH PAYPAL.