Photos on Site Sorted At Last

At long last, I’ve sorted out phot on the site after a large gap with nothing up. I’ve hunted high and low to find some blog imaging software that I’m happy with. These are the ways I could have gone but dismissed them. In order of the next most likely to be used:

  • Gallery2 through WPG2: Was looking great until I saw how heavy and slow it was. Also, as he name suggests, it’s embedded, so it’s just doesn’t slip in neatly to the blog, themes were overiding my css, content pages distorted my theme, far from perfect.
  • YAPB: I just didn’t get it. It looked nice on a couple of examples I found out there but somehow the UI wasn’t intuitive enough to grab me into using it.
  • Adobe CS2/ Dreamweaver: Been there done that, not fit for this purpose. I need everything proper-automated and integrated within the blog. These 2 are too generic in their themed designs, I want the ability to easily make changes where needs be, and again has to blog software related.
  • Coppermine: A mess, no thanks.
  • Flickr / Picasa: wanted to keep it personal and ‘in-house’.

So from now on there should be regular photo updates. Am off out, camera in hand…